To the members of APAPE

It is with great pleasure that I assume the Presidency of APAPE, together with the whole team that will be the direction for the next biennium. Knowing that I can count on their effort , I commit myself now to all current and future members to continue the work initiated by the previous management.

APAPE was created to represent and serve doctors and other professionals with one purpose: to reduce mortality and morbidity associated with arrhythmic diseases.

For this reason it should be the institution responsible for ensuring that Portuguese patients receive the best treatment according to the state of the art.

We will continue to promote collaboration with other institutions in the field of cardiology, but also outside it, as we are aware that we do not have absolute knowledge and that ideas and solutions result from the discussion.

Developing relations with peer associations at European level will also be our priority, so that we can play a more active role in both training and education in arrhythmology.

Finally, we want to promote research in arrhythmology, especially among young people, as this will always be our best “business card”.

We promise to do our best and we count on your support and collaboration to achieve our goals.

Leonor Parreira

President of APAPE



The Portuguese Association of Arrhythmology, Pacing and Electrophysiology (APAPE) is a specialized association of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (SPC) that aims to promote the development and scientific divulgation of arrhythmology, in its various aspects, and to promote good medical practice in arrhythmology.

Created in 1999, resulting from the the Portuguese Cardiac Pacing Association, created in 1975, the year in which a provisional secretariat was established, which served until 1978, when the first direction was elected.

The Electrocardiology Study Group was created in the biennium 1980-1983. In the biennium 1999-2001 the two organizations merged forming the APAPE.


President: Leonor Parreira
General secretary: Nuno Cabanelas
Arrhythmology vice-president: Nuno Santos
Pacing Vice-president: Vítor Paulo Martins
Electrophysiology Vice-president: Pedro Carmo
Treasurer: Dinis Valbom Mesquita
President-Elect: Victor Manuel Sanfins

General assembly
President: Helena Cristina Costa
Members: José Paulo Fontes, Paulo Fonseca

Communication and digital media responsible: Rita Marinheiro

Secretary: Catarina Lobo


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